Thursday, April 19, 2007


Boz, dibidi? dibidi? eks? scandal? :D

300 already has dvd copies being peddled in arlegui for 40pesos w/ case and the copy is really good. We were initially hesitant in getting a copy since the movie just had it theater run recently and most copies being shared in p2p are low quality copies (this was during lentenseason/holy week). We asked for a demo and at first glance it seemed grainy and the color was off (forgetting that the movie was actually made that way!). After skipping a few chapters, up to the oracle consulatation part, we noticed that it was really a DVD copy! Jackpot! This movie was made to be watched in theaters but it sure is great to have your own copy!

There's also a new "scam" going on there... since most dibidis are sold at 40 pesos per movie (with case, 35 w/o) and 50 for compilations, you normally would just select, try and then pay. Now here where the "scam" part comes in, when totalling the amount you'd notice that not all dibidis were priced the same. Some movies would be priced at 55 instead of the standard 40. The reason? They're not made locally and were made in malaysia. they even claim as far as that the malaysian copies contain FULL FEATURES which is really not true! >_< so make sure you ask the price of the dibidi first before adding it in your cart! :D

that's it for now... ;)

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