Friday, March 23, 2007

Mic Test...

Hi, my name's JOHN and since nobody's reading this lemme just babble for awhile. Let's start off with what to expect to see from this BLOG. This blog will contain ANYTHING that interests ME... if for some WEIRD way you get interested too then GOOD FOR YOU! Now let's move on to what NOT to expect... 1) originality, 2) structure, 3) cohesive content, 4) deep thoughts that would move you and make you feel alive or one with world! 5) READERS :D

GOD deemed us third worlders worthy of a BROADBAND connection, now the Internet is being ruled by FILIPINOS... want proof? how many Pinoys have a Friendster account? children who have yet to talk have an account! even my friends DOG has an account! now Pinoys are being introduced to BLOGGING since friendster offered such a service aside from photosharing... YOUTUBE's servers are being tortured by the amount of inane videos being uploaded from YOUTUBEROS ranging from office pranks to weekend gimmicks by who else? ;)

Let me end this post with a video of some of the TREASURES one can encounter almost on a DAILY basis when video hopping in you tube... I call on... the PORKCHOP DUO!!!

they also have a website! visit them at

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