Thursday, May 3, 2007


Ragnarok Online 2 & other MMORPGs
An insider’s blog about Ragnarok Online (1&2) and life at Level-up!


I've been playing RAGNAROK since BETA and my character will be turning 4 years old soon along with many other beta chars... I remember encountering a blacksmith sitting in morroc buying ores, cards and any valuable item that seems to have no value for the average player... wanting to buy myself a stileto to inflict more damage to porings and pickys, i sold to that BS a rough oridecon for 30,000z :D
later on his name was sought after by noobs like me trying to ask him to buy their loots higher than what the npcs would offer... that BS was the (in)famous Waukeen, Grand GM of the legendary Shadow Circle...

Now, chief has crossed over from being a player critical of how the game was being run to becoming the Brand Manager himself. His blog, "Waukster: Ragnarok Online 2 & other MMORPGs," became a forum of sorts for anything Ragnarok related where gamers can air their rants, grievances, expectiations, delight, raves, suggestions and everythng else with the hope that this person who PLAYED the game would understand them and would listen to them. Though this was probably not the intended purpose of this blog, the idea of having the oppurtunity to discuss issues with someone who has conrol over the game empowers the average player. This blog was helpful in cleaning up Level-Up's very tarnished reputation and at the very least, was able to restore a bit of confidence back to the company. And with that, RO2 seems to be in good hands!

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