Monday, May 7, 2007

Isang Tanong, nasan ang sagot?

GMA 7 for the past two Sundays has been airing Isang Tanong which aims to give equal airtime access to all senatorial candidates. So far the show has been getting good reviews with the format of the show as well as the questions posed to the candidates (and how they respond of course!). The show further stengthens on my belief on who to vote and who not to vote. I strongly urge everyone to try and view the clips and make an informed decision on whom to elect as leaders of our long suffering nation. All clips can be found over at GMA 7's website at [ ] Discuss with your friends, your family in internet forums and try to be critical this time around. Party lines are virtually non-existent so our decision will be based on which individual to trust this coming MAY 14. For me, deciding on whom to vote is like deciding who I would surrender my future to. Hopefully I am not alone.

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